How To Get A Freelance Grant Writer’s Position: 5 Things To Remember

Nowadays it is very difficult for many nonprofits such as universities or medical organizations to raise funds. That is why they often use services of grant writers. If you have certain skills for the grant writing you may start your own freelance career. Here are five things you have to know from the start:

  1. Prepare in advance.
  2. To be a professional grant writer you must have excellent writing skills, first of all. Secondly, you have to be able to analyze the information in grant guidelines because it is your job to explain that the organization you work for meets them. The last but not least, you have to understand how the organization works and what goals they pursue.

  3. Do some volunteering.
  4. To ask money for your services you have to prove that you are worth of it, firstly. The best proof is a portfolio with some successful written grants. So, your first works you will probably have to write on a voluntary basis. You may find the organizations that need your help among the local nonprofits. Even if the organization already has a grant writer you can ask to help him or her.

  5. Develop relationships with organizations.
  6. Find some larger organizations in your area that have grant writers in their staff or use the services of contract writers. Get acquainted with people in these organizations so they would know whom to ask for help. More people you know, better the chance that someone will offer you a job for grant writing.

  7. Attend courses on grant writing.
  8. You can find many different courses that may help you. They can be either paid or free. The important thing is that sometimes online courses that are absolutely free can teach you more than expensive alternatives. So, choose wisely to achieve the best result.

  9. Use the free resources to gather information.
  10. You can find out something new about grant applications in the local library, for example. It is also useful to study copies of other writers’ grants. Make a research on a grant in the specific field you would like to write. Maybe you will come up with the idea that can be suggested to one of the local organizations.

If you follow these recommendations soon you will have quite a few grants in your portfolio. It will help you finding work not only in your local area but on the Internet too.

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