Is Freelance Writing Legit: 6 Rules For Beginners

Well, the legitimacy of freelance writing is a debated topic and you need to consider several things to justify its legitimacy. So here we will discuss mainly about the rules of legitimacy of freelance writing. This is very helpful for the beginners. It is often seen that the beginners find it very difficult to write. It is mainly because they don’t know the rules of online writing properly. If someone is well aware of these rules then for him or her it will be very much easy to write properly when it is an online writing.

6 rules for the beginners:

Well, here is a list of six basic rules of freelance writing. These will certainly help the beginners:

  • Do not copy-paste:
  • Yes, this is the most important rule for the beginners. In internet there are more than 250 million websites and all of them have unique writing. They must be because online writing has certain rules which say that any writing on any of the website can’t just blindly copy the other website. It is illegal according to the law for online.

  • Do not say illegal things:
  • Well now freelancing is a respected profession and many people are doing it. So you need to be very aware that you may not say any illegal thing in your writing. And as it is an international job, so you have to be more conscious about it. First, you can research about the law of that country of which your website is. Then you can have a general understanding of the international law. This will certainly help you to write and will save you from breaking the laws.

  • Do not say against the competitors secretly:
  • Do not say anything directly to your competitors. Saying directly something ill against your competitors can make them angry and they may complain against you.

  • Religious attack must be abandoned:
  • Do not say something bad against religions. This kind of bad words against religions can be very much harmful to you.

  • Do not say against cultures
  • Cultural freedom must be acknowledged by you. So never do it.

  • Do not say against any person personally:
  • Personal attacks must be avoided by you. If you directly attack someone, then he or she may sue against you, and in such case you may be in a big trouble.

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