Is It Possible To Find Good Part-Time Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

It is possible to find good part time paid freelance writing jobs online. Many people want to begin freelance work because of the many freedoms that it has to offer. But it is important to recognize that freelance work is still a job and if you want to begin a career with all of the freedoms that freelance work has to offer you will still have to put forth some effort. Many writers assume that they can work whenever they please.

  • This idea is true to some extent. When you work as a freelance writer you have the freedom to select when you want to work and on which projects. But you still have to meet deadlines. This means that you can bid on a job which has a deadline of one week. You have the freedom to choose when you will work on that project over the course of the next week. However, it is still important that you meet the deadline. If you select a job at 8 PM and it has a 24-hour due date, you can begin rudimentary research the night before, go to sleep, and finish the remainder of the work the next afternoon, so long as you meet the deadline.
  • When you are starting as a freelance writer it is possible to find great jobs but you might have to utilize patients. There are many platforms that you can use when you're first starting as a freelance writer. You can find websites which are dedicated to beginners or you can search for websites that have more opportunities. Websites for beginners make it significantly easier to land your first job. The catch is that the payment structure is usually set at a fixed rate and you cannot negotiate. Another catch is that you must bid on jobs that are quite small, one at a time. If you choose to work with a company that is advanced, you will have many more opportunities for work and you will have the opportunity to change the bid amount so that you make more money to catch here is that you may not get the job for which you apply and you can go and extended period of time without ever being selected for a job. Websites that cater to beginners will often assign jobs so you do not have to bid on them and instead they are simply given to you. This process makes it significantly easier for you to begin as a writer.

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