How To Excel In Freelance Blog Writing: 5 Helpful Tips

To excel in the freelance blogging industry, writers obviously have to be good at writing. Other than this basic requirement, there are a number of other things that writers must be good at in order to succeed. For a basic, quick guide to getting started as a freelance blogger, check out the following tips.

Be Concise

People on the Internet want to get the information as quickly as possible. Most likely, they will find an article, skim a few lines and then switch pages. The writer only has a few lines to convince the reader to continue. To make a blog article easier to read, the writer should make sure to focus on concise, clear sentences. Blog articles should always be written to a high school level of reading or lower.

Watch Your Spaces!

Most high school teachers tell students to add two spaces after each period. Although this is a great rule for academic writing or high school English classes, it should never be done online. People get that the sentence is over and an extra space will not make the end of the sentence any clearer.

Create a Good Title

Although some people call good titles click-bait, intriguing titles are still the best way to get a reader's interest. Someone will not choose to read a blog if they are not interested in the title. Interesting titles show what the content is about, use some keywords and inspire the reader to read on. If the title does not catch the reader's eye, they will not waste time reading the rest of the article.

Headers Are Your Friend

Headers and subheaders are the easiest way to break up an article. Normally, online readers read an article in an F pattern. Instead of going line by line, they focus on the top line, move their eyes down, read another line and repeat. Due to this, smart writers should break up their work with subheadings. This technique makes the article easier to read and better formatted for Internet-based writing.

Build a Blog

One of the best ways to become successful in the blogging industry is to start a blog. Normally, writers will make blog articles for clients. Afterward, the client gets any money that is generated from the article. Instead of allowing the client to get all the money, writers can just write for their own site. In addition to increasing the writer's revenue, it can also serve as a method for advertising directly to clients.

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