How To Get Extra Money Online: Top 5 Freelance Writing Jobs

Virtually any job these days can be done from home with anyone who has Skype. Some of the top freelancing jobs are not necessarily writing jobs. Freelance gigs are available for just about every avenue of creation involving computers. Some of the best paying freelance jobs are writing tutorials for computer software programs, website design, translation, editing and proofreading and writing. Logo design also pays well.

I’ll move from the top tier down to the last. Yes, it is possible to design your own website. However, some companies want a real professional for this and the gigs pay very well. Most of the jobs designing websites run from one thousand to five thousand dollars—and you get to work from home. All you need is internet access and a computer and a working email address and you can start today.

Do you know programs like Adobe and all its variants? You can get lots of money to write tutorials for other people wanting these kinds of knowledge for their employees. Just Google tutorials on Adobe photoshop programs and you will find these kinds of jobs easily.

Translation pays well and companies like the gifts of someone for whom English and another language are nearly native to them to make sure business translations of important documents do not go wrong somehow. If you are gifted in one or more languages, you are virtually guaranteed to have a full time, well paying job. Languages that especially pay well are any of the Asian languages and other difficult to read languages with highly technical print writing styles. If you know your Chinese or Japanese you can make a lot of money these days, as the United States has increased trade with both of these areas.

Editing and proofreading jobs pay well as well. Sometimes, companies want their documents proofread for grammatical and punctuation errors. They pay well for someone with perfect—but I mean perfect grammar skills in different languages. If you know the art of the comma very well, and comma rules are super complex, you can make a lot of money.

Writing jobs can pay well if you know how to bid properly. If you write very well and have a super-high level of grammar knowledge, you can make money from your home as well. The key is in building a client base for any job.

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