Five Strategies For Getting The Best Online Writing Jobs

Writing jobs can bring in a nice income. You can work full time or supplement your other income in the freelance field. There are some tried and true tips to getting the absolute best online writing jobs. Feel free to use these strategies as you begin your new and exciting profession.

Tips (actually more than five!)

  • Work with several third party Internet Companies-you can increase your odds of getting jobs by working with several third party sites, there will be many jobs from which to select
  • Use a third party site-if you use a third party site, you can find the jobs, bid on the jobs, and get paid worry free
  • Do not undercharge-it is understandable that you will charge less at the beginning of your career, people will be more willing to take a chance on you, but do not work for slave wages, prospective clients will wonder if you get paid less because you are not good
  • Ask for work-when you finish up a job, ask the customer if he or she has more work for you, do not be afraid to talk to your clients
  • Consider having a page/blog-if you have a writer’s page, you can post your fees, writing samples, and your references
  • Social Media-if you have any social media sites, then advertise on those sites that you work for hire, also post any of your signed work at your site
  • Be professional-always be professional, even though you can work from your couch in your pajamas, you are still are a professional and you need to act like it
  • Do not overbook-even though you want many jobs, you do not want to take on so many jobs that you can not finish them
  • Remember your qualifications and what you know-if you are not qualified to do a job, then do not bid on that job, clients are looking for qualified writers
  • Make your deadlines –your customer sets a deadline for a reason, you need to meet those deadlines

Even though the title of this article stated five strategies, there are so many more than five things to know and to do when you freelance write. You can make a very good living by being a for-pay writer from online jobs. Use this guide as you start your career and seek to find the best online writing jobs.

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