How To Find Legit Freelance Writing Jobs: Nine Hints For Beginners

Every freelancer was tricked at least once by a bad client. Maybe he refused to pay; he modified the initial terms, or he refused the order. It happens to anyone, and it is common especially among beginners. The good news is that this can be avoided. Freelancers that have experience on the market know how to differentiate genuine clients from the others. There are some tricks you can apply to find you if your client is not serious:

  1. Be careful if the payment is too big. If somebody is offering to pay a price that is way over the normal one, something is not right. Why would he pay so much money for standard services?
  2. Clients who are too nice. Usually, they are trying to treat you as a friend, share information from their private life and expect free services later. Just stay away from them.
  3. Check the feedback that he received. On freelancing websites, you can see how many freelancers the client hired and what feedback he received from them. If writers are complaining, it’s better to not apply for the job.
  4. Only accept jobs that have clear requirements. If a client asks a book about apples, you will naturally write about red apples. However, when you deliver, he can tell you that he is interested in green apples and ask you to re-write the whole thing.
  5. Stay away from people that are rude. They are the same as overly friendly people or worst. They will never be satisfied with what you deliver, and they can leave bad feedback without any good reasons.
  6. Ask for payment per milestone. If it is the first time you are working with a customer, do not accept payment at the end of the project. You can dedicate weeks to write a book, and he can disappear or refuse to accept your content.
  7. Watch the client’s profile. The same as freelancers, customers also have profiles where it’s written their name, position, contact details and a short description. If his profile is blank, there is a significant chance that the job is a scam.
  8. Pay attention to details. The job might seem fine, but not when it’s written with awful grammar. In general, these people are not professional or respectful.
  9. Have security measures. For example, there are websites where the client will deposit the money online when you start the job, and he will release the funds at the end of the project. In this way, he will not pay you before you finish your work, but you can be sure that you will get your money if he is not honest.

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