Top 10 Hints On Marketing Yourself As A Freelance Content Writer Online

How do you market yourself as a freelance content writer online? When it comes to showing off your writing skills you need to pay close attention to details. This means when potential clients come across your work you want it to look its best. Having a website to market your work as a freelance content writer is a good first step. But you need to get people to it and other work you may have written elsewhere. Being creative with words is literally your specialty, but even freelance writers can use a helping hand to ensure they get the attention they want. Here are 10 hints freelance content writers may find useful when self-marketing online.

  1. Be confident in your abilities and knowledge. Any time you market yourself as a freelance content writer you should feel good about your work and what you can do for others. It will show in your marketing efforts and clients will be more inclined to contact you.
  2. Make it easy for people to contact you. Have a few options you want people to contact you from either a phone number, email or even a social network. You should be approachable.
  3. Have your website serve as a good online portfolio with your best writing samples. Many freelance writers are known not to put much effort into their website or claim they don’t have enough knowledge to make one. This process is simple to do or you can hire help, but use it to showcase your credits and work samples.
  4. Use social media to your advantage. People including businesses and individuals are often on the lookout for a writer. You can use social media to network with others and share information about your abilities.
  5. Blog. If you have a blog this can easily showcase your skills and knowledge. It may attract others seeking to hire a writer.
  6. Find a writing forum or online writing community to join. Freelance writers can join different forums that encourage you to market and promote your skills.
  7. Network. Share your site with others including other writers, family, friends, etc.
  8. Have feedback from previous clients noticeable.
  9. Expand your line of writing. Consider providing copy for different genres or expand your services (press release writing, article marketing, etc.).
  10. Make your website easy for search engines to find with keyword-rich content (SEO content).

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