How To Get Good Freelance Writing Jobs: Helpful Instructions

There are a few instructions that you need to follow in order to help you find a good freelance writing job. There are a lot of jobs out there but be selective because some of them are not as good as they may initially seem. If an advertisement gives sketchy details, then the job may not be as simple as it initially sounds.

  • Work with a reputable company, one that requires clients and freelancers to share information. Also work with a company that requires the client to put money up front in a holding account. This will prevent delays in processing your payment at the end of a job.

  • It is a good idea to have a standard proposal for freelance giving the outline of your qualifications and experience, but make sure that you acknowledge and display your own skill set and experience in relation to the job you are applying for.

  • Refer to other work that you have completed and show that recommendations and references from other clients. Share examples of your work, but do not give ‘free samples’ of your work.

  • Take the time to think how you will approach this job. Some jobs may require a standard approach but show the prospective client that you have thought about the task, ask questions and put your own spin on the task.

  • Be wary of clients who advertise a job but when you apply the remit has changed or you are asked to do additional work but still within the same time and cost frame or you may be asked to reduce your costs as the job is ‘really simple’.

  • If you are not sure about something, ask. The more questions you ask at the beginning of a new job the smoother the job will progress and the less changes you will need to make further down the line.

  • You may find that you have been offered a job that you are not totally comfortable with. The best advice in this scenario is to try to discuss the issues you have with the job or decline it. You are the professional, you need to have a say in the process.

  • Don’t sell yourself short. There are plenty of jobs out there that advertise 6-8 hours a day guaranteed work, but look into what is being asked of you. You may end up being paid $4 for working a 10 hour day, which is not even paying for your coffee!

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