How To Get Paid For Writing Online: Simple Advice

If you want to become a freelancer and work at home, you may try to start a career of an online writer. There are many companies and organizations that will pay good money for your services. However, it’s not easy to find such clients right away. Many young writers don’t succeed and end up working for peanuts. Here are some rules that you should follow in order to get paid well.

  1. Become a good writer.
  2. This job will require you to have decent writing skills. To achieve this, you should get a proper education or at least attend writing courses. Additionally, it’s advisable to learn the basics of search engine optimization for your texts to meet the requirements of current search engines.

  3. Find your niche.
  4. Many online writers start their careers trying to get any job that they can. However, to earn good money, you should select a narrow niche that will enable you to reveal your full potential. For example, if you have a medical education, you’ll be able to write better articles in this field.

  5. Create sample articles.
  6. To prove that you’re worthy of being well-paid, you should have some examples of your work. Select a few topics from your area of expertise that are interesting to you and write articles on them. Put as much effort as you can in these texts because your future career will rely on them.

    Make your website.

    To advertise your services effectively, you’ll need to create a professional website. Here, you may write some information about yourself, indicate your services and pricing, and showcase your sample articles. Make sure that your site is well-designed to make a good impression on potential clients.

  7. Use social media.
  8. Link your website to your accounts in social networks. By doing this, you’ll increase the chance of potential customers noticing you. You may also join writing communities within social networks to look for useful information about finding job orders.

  9. Look for clients on job boards.
  10. Job boards are the sites where freelancers can find plenty of vacancies and orders. Search for jobs related to your narrow niche. It’s likely that you’ll find good orders for the start of your career on such sites.

  11. Call potential customers.
  12. If there are online journals or magazines that you’d like to work with, you may contact them. It’s advisable to do this by phone, but instead you may send them a letter via email and give a link to your website.

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