How To Make Money On Freelance Writing: Tips For College Students

Being in college means having to write. There will always be a paper, an essay, a thesis or a dissertation that begs for your attention and the finest prose you can muster on short notice. It may then seem that to pursue freelance writing while in college requires a certain appetite for punishment. This is not necessarily so. Here are some tips for college students interested in this method of making money.

Pick courses that you can balance with your freelance career

Some courses require far more reading and writing than others. Even if you genuinely like writing, doing these at the same time that you write for pay is courting early burnout. If you are new to freelance writing it may also discourage you from continuing and even if you show promise.

Say goodbye to your social life

Balancing freelance writing with your course load will take time that you may have grown accustomed to devoting to your friends. If they support you and understand you may be able to still squeeze some socializing into your packed schedule. If not, be prepared to lose some friends and alienate others. The life of a freelancer can be lonely.

Pick something you’re studying to specialize in

If you freelance as an academic writer, you can end up almost being paid to study. How? All you need to do is mention your field of study and wait for students with less diligence than you to hire you to complete their assignments. You will become a stronger student for it and they will gain the additional free time they so desperately crave.

Practice writing different genres

If you usually write essays, try an article, a short story, a full length novel or a screenplay. Being versatile gets you opportunities that otherwise would have been unavailable. There will be fluctuations in the market for writers which can absolutely ruin you if you are dependent on clients in a certain niche alone.

Refresh your knowledge of the basic rules of writing

When your writing is for sale, you can’t afford to produce a paper that reflects poorly on you. Some clients won’t be able to tell the difference but you shouldn’t be aiming to just skate by. You’re in college, do better than that.

Freelance writing isn’t rocket science. You’re probably learning things much harder than freelancing in college. Approach the process with that same college zeal and you should start making money.

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