Good Advice On How To Land Freelance Writing Jobs With Magazines

Getting a writing job online is much like getting a regular job. That is to say the effort has to be the best you can muster. There are a lot of qualified writers looking to get their dream job. Knowing the short-cuts to the employers can mean the difference between getting and not getting the work. Here is some good advice on how to land freelance writing jobs with magazines.

  • The internet is a fast paced operation in every aspect. The same goes with advertising in any area. You have to set-up all your greetings and meetings with the same attitude. When meeting a head of a certain section of a magazine be very personable. Have something witty and thought provoking to say. You may only get one chance you must make it a good one.

  • When giving them your card try to be original. This will make them give it a second and important glance. Do not go overboard with your contact information. Make it brief and to the point. Your online information should have easy access. If they are interested in contacting you it should not be a chore. The harder it is the easier it is for them to lose interest.

  • Complete some research on the heads of the magazine. Find out where they are scheduled to be at that week. Try your best to be there. Put the time in needed to get seen. Let them notice you taking interest in the areas of interest to the public. Be as persistent as possible. Show-up day after day asking for time with the editor. It may take some time but will show them how dedicated you are on this matter.

  • Put together a few articles on some very controversial subjects the magazine would find important. Do not make them run-on pieces. They should contain material that grabs the reader’s attention.

  • Put together a resume. It should be an up-to-date version. Remember you do not want to be just a number in a file. The more they see your face the better. There are video resumes available now. This lets the supervisor watch and listen to your reasons for being the person for the job.

  • Go to the online job listings and pay attention to this service. There are several positions available in each magazine. You may have to start at a lower position. It is a good way to get your foot in the door.

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