Directions For Beginners To Find A Good Freelance Story Writing Position

If you have decided you want to become a freelancer, it's going to be the best job ever if you like to write. Doing what you like while making some money in the process si something that everybody wishes for, yet most people don't ever get to practice. And if you become good at it, and employers around the world hear about you, you can get some really nice contracts with substantial writing, and payment as well.

  • Think about what you are best at. We are all different, that's how it's supposed to be. And as unique individuals, so do are talents, occupation, etc differ from one another. If you have a very developed imagination, for example, a good job would be something that gives you just the basic ideas to write about, your head will do the rest for you, and you will write an excellent story.
  • The topic. Some people like romance, other like action. There are some around who are really into sci-fi, fantasy stories. Depending on what you like to write about, or even what you like to watch or read ( because that's where you will probably start, everybody needs some inspiration ) you will be able to find a job that is suitable for your style of writing. You can't be passionate about romance and love, and expect to write an outstanding story about an alien race that invades the earth for example. You can write about it, but the finished product will always be better when it's done by someone who actually enjoys this type of topic. So make sure you select your story carefully.
  • Style. Think about how you like to write. Some employers want a formal, objective type of book, where you have to analyze a certain topic from a given point of view. You don't have a lot of rooms to "juggle", you have to keep the expectations high and deliver what you have been asked. If you find yourself in the position of not really wanting to write something like this, because you are better at writing a non-formal, subjective story that involves a lot of emotions and personal experiences, from the first person view, then you can search for a job that will give you the opportunity to write just that.
  • Enjoy. The most important thing in my opinion, enjoy what you are doing. Making money is always a target in today's society, but try to "feel" the process while you are doing it as well. Attempt to think about your preferences, and you will get a job that you like and I guarantee you will do it excellent in no time.

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