How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online: Simple Guidelines

The job of a freelance writer seems to be a very popular option for people who are tired of sitting in offices or who, for some reason, want to work from home. However, it’s not a job that everyone can master. To begin with, it’s necessary to be good at writing, have good grammar and feel a desire to become a professional.

If you feel that you can undertake freelance writing and want to reach success, let’s see how you can find employment online.

  1. Try your skills first.
  2. You can start with some simple tasks to see what you can do and to show your potential customers your abilities. Undertake some rewriting: take a random text, read it several times, close it, and reproduce it in your own words. Check uniqueness of the text you have composed with the help of special online services. Such texts can be good samples for your portfolio. Don’t forget to give links to genuine texts.

  3. Collect a portfolio.
  4. Gather texts that you have rewritten or articles you have composed from scratch into a portfolio. When you get registered at a special online marketplace where customers place orders and freelance writers offer their services, this portfolio will speak on your behalf to your customers.

  5. Get registered.
  6. Find a marketplace on the Internet and get registered there. Don’t hurry to undertake tasks; give attention to the demands of customers and their payment offers. You are free to get registered at several marketplaces at a time to evaluate opportunities and see where you feel the most comfortable. Still, don’t try to take on too much from the very beginning.

  7. Try newspaper and magazines.
  8. You can also try sending requests to newspapers or magazines. They may need a freelance author for articles of a certain type. However, the chances of having a job in a newspaper are rather few for beginners.

  9. Take your time.
  10. When searching for work at a marketplace, don’t start with the most complicated and highly-paid orders until you have enough experience. Try your hand at rewriting, see what customers demand and give attention to all corrections they make.

  11. Select orders.
  12. It will be much better if you give preference to orders that lie in your area of knowledge. You should not be afraid to refuse orders that relate to subjects you know nothing about. If you are not a specialist in the subject, it will be obvious, and your texts will look quite poor.

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