How To Get Into Freelance Travel Writing: Five Rules To Remember

One of the most popular categories for freelance writers is that of the travel sector. There are many different articles and other forms of written content that can be produced based on the topic of travel, as a result, there is plenty of work to go around.

It is ideally suited for people who have travelled a lot, especially anyone who has travelled to various different countries and continents. However, you can still become a successful travel writer without necessarily needing to visit different places, as long as you are competent at doing the research.

  • Keep a list of places that you have been and what you did whilst there
  • A good idea is to keep a list of any places that you may have visited. It may be towns or cities, as well as countries. Furthermore, you may wish to keep a list of any restaurants or other places that you visited whilst in that destination. You can then refer to this list when writing any travel articles later on in your career.

  • Use online sources for research purposes, but don’t copy them
  • As mentioned, you can become a freelance travel writer without necessarily having to visit places. In order to do this, you will need to carry out research; however, whilst you can use any research as a source of inspiration, do not copy any work directly, as this will constitute plagiarism.

  • Only use pictures that are royalty-free, unless you pay for them
  • Just as you shouldn’t copy any content that you find, you should also not use any pictures that you have not paid for unless they are royalty-free. There are many websites on the Internet where you will be able to find royalty free pictures; however, just be aware that they may be alongside those that you have to pay for. If you do use any that you haven’t paid for, then it may turn out that you have broken various copyright laws.

  • Put together a portfolio of any travel articles that you have written
  • During your career, it is good idea to put together samples of any high-quality articles your written, as you can use these to help you win further writing jobs.

  • Try and keep things neutral if required
  • One thing to bear in mind when writing travel articles is that you should sometimes try and keep things as neutral as possible. For example, be careful not to write about attractions that may disappear within a matter of months, instead, you want your articles to stay relevant for as long as possible.

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