Searching For Freelance Writing Jobs With No Experience Required

Welcome to the world of freelance writing! If you're looking for a new writing job, then look no further than online. There are many ways to find writing jobs, and there are a few key services that can help you to get started even if you have no experience such as

  • If you're just starting out, is a great services that you need no experience with. You can begin right away, just set up your account, and look for new jobs. As a freelance writer, don't be nervous and wonder whether or not they will hire you, they will! Finding jobs is easy but making sure that you get paid, that's another thing. It’s very easy to set up your account, just ensure that you find quality work, look for people that have good recommendations and good referrals listed, and that their income has been verified. This ensures that you will get paid. Also consider starting out small, like maybe write one or two articles, or write a small piece until you familiarize yourself with the site and get acclimated.
  • If you write for a site like, it is a similar process to, but you may find they have less jobs right away, at least as it compares to and other sites. Because elance works around more US based jobs, you may find that it takes a little bit longer to find work, but there's plenty of freelancing work out there.
  • Setting this up is a similar format to Freelancer and Elance, with a lot of US based jobs listed. Just ensure that you write from your heart, and go after writing job that you're passionate about, as the work will become more fluid and easier to do. Payments with this site will take longer to clear, so budget your time and money.

A process that still hires new freelance writers with no experience but may take longer as you’re going up other applicants, can be found in the want ads. You can look into employment agencies like:


When you look at employment agencies, just keep in mind these will likely take longer because they want you to have experience, and other candidates will likely have more experience. So make sure that as you build up your portfolios on the other websites that you save copies of all your information, and save your references as well, that way you can say that you are a seasoned writer, when the time comes!

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