How to Earn Extra Money Without Experience: Discovering Freelance Curriculum Writing Jobs

Despite the stereotype of the starving writer, the freelance writing industry is actually a thriving marketplace. Individuals who are talented at writing can gain lucrative contracts with clients in the field. To succeed in this industry, individuals must have good grammar, strong researching abilities and excellent time management skills.

What Is Required?

Freelance curriculum writing jobs generally require extremely low overhead. Most writers can get started as long as they have a laptop, a basic word processor and an Internet connection. Beyond these basic requirements, the writer will also have to possess a number of personal skills. They must be talented at writing and know how to research a particular topic. In addition, many clients will require writers to possess a degree in education, English or a similar profession.

Curriculum Writing Jobs

With so many online classes available, many schools will actually outsource the creation of their curriculum. Even when the school chooses not to outsource, the professor may want to because it reduces the amount of time that they need to prepare for classes.

What Does a Curriculum Writer Do?

The job of a curriculum writer can vary depending on the project. For some clients, the writer just has to create a basic syllabus and the course schedule. With other clients, the writer actually develops PowerPoint presentations, handouts and other information that will be given to a class. For these clients, the writer is basically developing the entire course. Once the course is developed, the professor just has to read through the day's information to prepare for class.

How Can Someone Find a Job in This Field?

The hardest part will be finding the first job in this career field. After that, the writer can use recommendations from the client to get new jobs. They will also be able to list this first project in their portfolio. Over time, an initial project with a university could lead to projects on other classes and academic programs.

Getting the First Job

Many freelance bidding sites will have projects that require curriculum writing. These are the basic source of projects for a writer. Once the writer has experience, they can try sending proposals to online schools and the universities closest to them. Before quitting their job, the writer should spend some time doing several of these projects. This will give the writer the chance to develop experience, a portfolio and a client list.

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