How To Get A Job On A Freelance-Writer Website: 5 Effective Tips

As a freelancer, writers get to set their own hours and work from home. Although freelance writing may be appealing, it also requires the ability to market and find jobs. New writers can use the following tips to land their dream job through a freelance website.

Create a Website

Newbie writers generally do not have a strong portfolio of past projects. Unfortunately, a new client will not want to hire them without this portfolio. To demonstrate their potential, the writer can always set up a personal website. They can create a niche site, blog or other type of website. Over time, this site can be a source of potential leads for the writer.

Network With Everyone

Every person that the writer meets during the day is a potential new client. From fellow writers to someone in the checkout line, every contact could be a job. To achieve the best networking potential, writers should offer their services as a guest blogger or join a writing organization. They can also sign up for writing conferences or other events to network in person.

Cold Calling Potential Clients

Using a phone or e-mail, writers can try cold calling customers. Although it may not be the most enjoyable technique, it ensures that the writer is finding a client in a field that they are interested in. When it comes down to it, cold calling is just a numbers game. It may take several hundreds of messages or calls, but the writer is sure to find at least one or two well-paid clients as a result.

Check Job Boards

There are a number of websites online that cater to freelancers. These sites often have low-paid projects, but there are always a few higher paid jobs. Writers who use these sites will have to be more selective about bidding on projects and accepting clients. Although there are some risks with using a job board, writers can find potential job leads if they look carefully for them.

Mail Out Information

This may be an old school trick, but it still works. People get plenty of spam messages and advertisements every day. They generally delete these messages. If a writer wants someone to pay attention to their advertisement, they should consider sending out fliers or brochures about their business. In-person clients generally pay the most, and the best way to find these clients is to mail them via snail mail.

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