How To Become A Successful Part-Time Freelance Financial Writer

Be under no illusions; the world of freelance writing is incredibly competitive. However, with the increase in popularity has come an increase in opportunities with more and more people willing to outsource their copywriting requirements to a freelancer. This also inevitably means that there are those who are great, those that are average and those that are downright terrible. Finding a freelancer that can not only write in good, clear English but who is also reliable is incredibly challenging for a lot of clients.

Choosing to specialize in a niche such as finance is a shrewd move. It is also more complicated than if you were happy to float simply around in the generic pool. In order to excel you need to:

  • Have excellent English skills – both written and verbal

  • A background in finance, mathematics or business studies

  • Be competitive and driven

  • Be prepared to work incredibly hard

So, if you feel that you still fit the bill, I have come up with some handy tips to help you succeed:

Don’t settle for average

As I have already alluded to, finance is a niche. You cannot afford to be complacent or sloppy in your writing or your delivery. This is a high-paying area and clients will expect professionalism and expertise. If you are having a bad day, take it off. Do not attempt to write unless you are at your sharpest; most concise.

Go hunting

This kind of work is most definitely not just going to drop into your lap. You are going to have to hunt for this work and be prepared to fight if necessary. There is an abundance of low-paid work out there. Of course, there is going to be fierce competition

Get referrals

So that you are not continuously hunting, come up with a small incentive for your clients to refer you to their network. This is the best way of ensuring that you have a steady stream of work, and will also ultimately enable you to be bolder in setting your prices.

Price responsibly

The beauty of freelancing is that you get to decide how much you are prepared to work for. Your fee is your call. Now, while with a lot of the online bidding sites you are going to have to be aware that most clients will go for if not the cheapest, then one of the cheaper options. Initially, you might have to go in lower than you would like. However, once you become established you can be bolder with your prices.

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