Freelance Academic Writers: On The Edge Of Morality And Pragmatism

If you pay someone to do your assignments for you, is it cheating? This is a question that has been thrown around back and forth for many years, and it is coming to the attention of educators and students alike with the trend growing by leaps and bounds. Is there a line that is being crossed by students who are taking the easy way out?

The pragmatic view

Looking at it from the view of a pragmatist, or realist in simpler terms, the market is there for the service so why shouldn't they get their piece of the pie? Leaving the moral issue aside for the moment, supply and demand is what rules commerce. As long as there is the demand for freelance academic writers, there will always be someone willing to supply the product. Writing academic papers for students can be hugely profitable. These written works can make or break an academic career, so students are willing to pay big money to get a paper that will help them shine and stand out from among all of the others. If a freelance writer has a degree that is in high demand, they have to make their paycheck from some assignment, so why not academic papers?

The moral issue

Is the freelance writer helping someone to cheat? Will there be a time down the road when something horrendous may occur because the now graduated student did not do the work themselves? Consider this as an example: A student who graduated from one of the fields of mathematics chooses to become a teacher. During "their" research they came across a new way to teach a certain discipline method or concept. Obviously they would be expected to teach their students how to learn in this particular way. Since they have no actual personal experience with the method they will be teaching improperly, resulting in a class that is unaware they are doing something completely wrong. This is just a very basic example but it illustrates what can go wrong.

Many freelance writers choose not to work on academic papers for just this very reason. When a professional is completing the work for a student, they are not actually learning the essential information that they need to know. While a large number of writers make a fantastic living from completing work for students, there are an equal number who believe that it is morally wrong, even if it is not technically cheating.

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