Guidelines For Freelance Writers: How To Write Your CV

A resume or a CV are always the most important parts of a job application. For writers, a CV is especially vital. If the writing resume is poorly written, the client will assume that the writer is not actually good at writing. In addition to proofreading the document, writers will also need to adjust the CV so that it includes samples of their work. They may want to add niche-specific materials or links to published articles.

Resumes for Newbies

Creating a resume will be difficult for a new writer. Unlike established professionals, newbies lack the portfolio and job history that are normally required of freelance professionals. To begin with, the writer should create sample articles and develop a portfolio. Although these articles are not for an actual paying client, they still demonstrate the writer's ability. As the writer creates their resume, they should consider any past professions that relate to writing. Working in an office, publishing house or a school are all jobs that directly relate to writing. Other jobs could relate to the writer's niche. If the writer worked in the biotech industry, this experience can help them land jobs in science and technology.

Building a Resume for Established Writers

Established writers will have an easier time creating their resume. To start with, they should sort through their previous projects to find the best example of their work. These documents will make up the writer's portfolio. Afterward, the writer should sort through their past positions. One section will include writing jobs that are current or ongoing projects. The other section will include one-off projects that are relevant.

Creating the Rest of the Resume

Freelance writers must use portfolio examples and writing jobs in their resume. This is the essential difference between a writing CV and a typical resume. In addition to writing-specific information, writers should also construct the normal parts of the resume. They should still list their educational background, contact information and job history. If the writer is a member of professional organization or has other talents, they should list these items on the resume as well.

Stay Organized

After completing a project, many writers will delete the remainder of their file. Instead of deleting everything, writers should save some of their best writing in a separate “Freelance Work” folder. By continuously doing this, the writer will be able to have accessible examples of their work whenever they need to update their CV.

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