Freelance Travel Writing Jobs: How To Find Those Online

Some freelance writers like writing about travel. They describe different hotels, create things-to-do lists for big cities and rural areas, prepare tips for tourists, and write sightseeing reports for travel websites. A wide range of gigs is available on the Internet, so if you want to get started as a freelance travel writer, you have many possibilities to do this. The following guidelines are designed to help you find those online:

  • Check popular job portals for freelance writers.
  • You should use the right keywords in order to find positions that you’re looking for. Some websites allow their users to personalize their job feed, so you’ll only see the positions suitable for you. It’s a good idea to sign up for several job portal websites in order to get daily updates.

  • Look on freelance writing blogs.
  • There are many blogs devoted to travel related issues. Sometimes, these blogs want to hire writers who will create content. Many freelance writers maintain such blogs, so you can also create your own one to attract potential clients who like the quality of your writing.

  • Find openings for travel magazine writers.
  • Use your search engine and get a list of the magazines that hire freelance writers to create articles and reviews. Typically, they require professionals who will maintain the electronic version of the magazine. However, you might also get published in a printed copy if your texts are top-quality.

  • Use your social media networks.
  • Different companies use social media networks to attract new clients, so they need writers who will maintain the companies’ profiles updated and create unique content. You can find travel companies’ pages and contact them directly to find out whether they need your services. You should prepare a good pitch and several samples of your writing.

  • Look for clients who you’d like to work with.
  • If you know what exactly you want to write about and who you’d like to work with, you should make a list of potential employers, find their contact information, and write them to introduce yourself and offer your services. Don’t hesitate to offer to write a travel blog for them or help a company to gain more shares on social media.

  • Remember about local businesses.
  • Although you can work for international corporations and the biggest hotel chains with a click of the mouse, you should remember that local companies as well might need your content. They also have websites that need updates about local cuisine, most interesting attractions, and places to stay.

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