Advice On How To Get The Highest Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

Being a freelance writer takes skill and most of all tenacity (with a huge dollop of patience). Getting jobs in this competitive market can be difficult, especially if you are trying to land the highest paying jobs. However, it's not an impossible feat. Check out the following tips and advice on how to get the highest paid freelance writing jobs.

Professional Portfolio

Before you even begin trying to get a high paying writing job, you must first put together a killer professional portfolio (both online and in print).

Print portfolios should contain approximately ten of your best writing samples with cover letters. These can be separated into color-coordinated folders and left with potential employers.

An online portfolio should be a professional website that showcases your talent and links to your work that is already being used. For both print and online portfolios be sure to keep the fonts and backgrounds easy to read and avoid any "cutesie" designs.

Know Your Niche

As a freelance writer you should already know where your strengths lie. This could be in the area of academic writing, blogs, articles, copywriting or newsletters. Knowing your niche and what you excel at will make it a lot easier when it comes time to searching for those high paying jobs. In addition, your work will speak for itself with a potential client.

Go to the Source

Magazines, newspapers and businesses tend to pay more for the services of a good freelance writer, so these avenues are always your best bet when searching for high paying jobs. Check your local job listings or sign up for an online job listings; these are usually free to join and will come to your inbox each day. Avoid "writing mills" where you will be competing with and bidding against hundreds of other freelancers for the same job, as these will drive the wages down. However, if you are just starting out in the writing business and want to gain some valuable experience to add to your portfolio, these places do offer that and you will get paid (a small fee) to work.

It may take time to gain the experience you need to get those higher paying freelance writing jobs, but they will come. Stick to your plan, work at smaller jobs while searching for the highest paying ones and most of all, be patient. Giving up will never get you to where you want to be, so hang in there and focus on being the best writer you can be.

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