How To Start Working For Magazines That Hire Freelance Writers?

Although, entering into magazine writing field as a freelancer is challenging, it is really a great way for adding mass audience for your own work. There are many magazines out there that take queries as well as submissions from the freelance writers. So, how to start working for magazines that hire freelance writers like you?

Here are the ways to start working as a freelancer for a magazine:

Seek Out for an Internship:

If you are residing in a larger city, it is quite easier to find an opportunity to work for a magazine as an intern. Although, you will not be paid anything, the experience will teach you a lot about the writing industry and your own writing. You will surely emerge as a better writer with several new connections within the industry. You will also earn some valuable credibility behind your name.

Browse for Magazines:

As you all know, not every magazine will accept the freelance work submissions. Most of them would accept works only from their in-house staff. Therefore, a research for the magazines those that accept works from freelancers is a must. Upon getting a list of such magazines, go to each magazine’s website to check for the submission requirements. Also, if you are passionate about writing on a particular niche, you must find the magazine that fits into the particular category. Few examples of the magazines that accept freelance works are as follows:

  • Parents
  • Brain, Child
  • Natural Living
  • Cricket
  • National Geographic Traveler
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Sierra
  • Eating Well
  • Psychology Today
  • Ploughshares

Write a Query Letter:

Remember that, most of the publications that are paying for your materials will not be interested to receive the complete article. Alternatively, they want you to throw the idea of your article in the form of a query letter.

Editors of the magazine will always be busy and don’t read a complete article. However, they would take time for browsing through the well-written queries. The query letters would give the editors the space for recommending possible angles and for accomplishing the current requirements of the magazine.

Thus, query letters are the fundamental marketing tools for all the freelance writers. As such, a query letter should have the following format:

  • A lead paragraph
  • A description of the content
  • Information about yourself
  • Anything else that the magazine editor needs to know

When the editors are looking at samples of your work, they will be much interested in your style of writing. Therefore, good first clips are very much important for getting an offer to write for a magazine.

Thus, by following the aforementioned steps, you can easily start writing for magazines as a freelance writer.

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