Helpful Tips On How To Find More Freelance Writing Opportunities

If you keep in mind that many writers have found freelance writing jobs before you, this knowledge alone can be used for your benefit. You see, they know where to find them and how to look for them. So it makes sense to join writers’ forums, and hang out where other writers do. There is a treasure of knowledge they can share with you.

Find someone who is willing to mentor you and tell you how the online industry works. They had to start somewhere too, and learn the tricks of the trade. You probably won’t find it difficult to find another more experienced writer who’s willing to help you. They remember being in your shoes not too long ago.

There are several popular writing agencies where you can put up a profile and then compete for jobs that come in. You have to make a proposal and then try to win the job over other writers who are also competing for it. To be the winner you need your proposal to really stand out above the rest.

How do you do that? How do you look unique and try to be the most appealing writer to hire? Here are some of the helpful tips you can use:

  • Have a completed profile

  • Have a portfolio with samples of your work

  • Be very open with them and willing to communicate

  • Offer them a bonus of something if they hire you for a big project

You can also have good luck getting writing jobs on websites that write essays, theses, dissertations, reports and homework for students. They have practically a never-ending supply of writing jobs coming in, especially throughout the school year. These come in all day and all night from time zones all over the globe, so you really can choose when and how much you want to work.

You can also look at each job that comes in and decide which you want to apply for and which you don’t. Once you get a good reputation built up, you’ll find there will be repeat clients who want to hire you over and over again.

Don’t give up! It may seem slow at first when you’re just starting out because no one really knows you yet and you may not have any feedback built up yet. But just keep with it. Land that first job and it will go on from there.

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