A Manual For Beginners: The Average Freelance Writer's Salary

The freelance writer is a rare breed due to the difficulty of gaining a foothold in this job, but many people are seeking to try it for more employment freedom. For many people, this is difficult as they have bills to pay, and they are not certain of the pay potential. For those who can stick it out and seek to advance, there are considerable rewards and the possibility of a great amount of money coming their way. So to give you a look at how the average freelancer deals with pay I will look at your average full-time freelancers pay and the usual track it follows in the paragraphs below.

To begin with your average freelancer will have a difficult struggle until they get their name out there a little bit and receive some possible feedback. The best place to do this is a freelance site, like Elance and ODesk, that will allow a user rating from clients and freelancers to give positive or negative feedback enhancing the ability of freelancers to achieve a positive reputation in the field. At this point, the freelancer will probably be averaging if done full-time and maintaining steady work about 300 to 800 dollars a month to start if they work hard and stay on track. It is not much but it’s a start, and there is potential for more.

At about 6 months in and with a growing skill set, a writer may have the ability to get their salary to around 1,000 dollars a month if they have been very diligent in increasing their workload, writing essays for money, and making satisfied clients who want repeat work. This is where it gets to be quite comfortable, and a freelancer will begin to see much more opportunity open up to them.

After having reaching a year a writer who is fairly good at what they do should generally average between 1,000 to 2,000 dollars a month if they have continued to develop into broader possibilities. Working with repeat clients and expanding into the corporate sector through expanding clientele giving you access to more people who are capable of giving you opportunities. If you are very successful, you can even employ your team and have a higher work generate more profit by outsourcing to writers in your team. That is when the good money begins as you are now a business owner opening many new avenues to success.

For those wishing to advance they need only put forth the effort and the life of a freelancer will open further as they go.

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