Helpful Advice For Freelance Writers: How To Become A Good Editor

Being good at editing takes work, like anything else does. Some freelancers can write on any topic and do as many words as the client needs but they lack the ability to edit. Like anything else it is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced often. You can learn how to edit as well as anyone else and it is a skill that every writer should have to edit their own work. Here are some tips to being a good editor.

Tips and tricks

  • Know your grammar
  • Know the spelling basics
  • Know your punctuation

Know Your Grammar

Knowing good grammar is not something that everyone can say they do well. You have to learn it and practice good grammar over time to get it right. Study up on grammar basics and start there. The basics are the building blocks to all good grammar. Make sure that you know it all as well as you can so that while editing, you know if the grammar is proper or not. That is the first step to being able to edit a document of any kind the right way.

Know the Spelling Basics

All of those cute little rhymes and tricks that you learned in school may be forgotten but you can learn them all again. Once you know the basics like I before E except after C and so on, you will have what it takes to edit a document for spelling errors as well as grammar. This comes in handy for writing as well so that you can spell better and so that youi can branch out into editing other documents other than just your own.

Know Your Punctuation

Punctuation can make or break any article. If you forget a comma or add too many, you could end up with quite the mess on your hands. Also, knowing where to put the period or where to put a semicolon is a big deal. There are a lot of different little punctuation tricks that you need to get the hang of.

There are plenty of English sites that will help you to learn things like this and more. If you work hard at it and do you best than you too could become a great editor. It just takes some time and patients to learn the ropes and do well at it.

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