How To Find Legitimate Online Freelance Writing Jobs In 4 Steps

In order to develop a career as an online freelance writer, you first need to know how to find and apply for any writing opportunities. The following outlines four simple steps that you should take in order to find work on the Internet.

It is worth noting that this guide is just one approach, and is related to freelance websites; however, it is also possible to apply for writing opportunities through regular job listings, or to even contact private clients independently with any job proposals that you may have.

  1. Search for and sign up to freelance websites
  2. The first thing that you will need to do is to look for freelance websites on the Internet. This can be done very easily using any major search engine. As part of your search you will most likely find a handful of the major websites that are the most popular, as well as several smaller websites. It is advisable to sign up with a mixture of big and small websites, so as to increase the number of opportunities that you can apply.

    Having signed up to a website, if there is any profile page that you can fill out, then it is a good idea to provide as much information and details as possible about yourself and the skills that you have.

  3. Looking through job listings for appropriate opportunities
  4. Once you have signed up and filled out any necessary sections on your profile page you can then start looking through the job listings. You will most likely discover numerous jobs that you do not have the skills for, such as translation work for languages that you do not speak. However, there will almost certainly be a selection of different jobs that you feel that you have the necessary skills to complete.

    Once you first start out as a writer, it is a good idea to take on opportunities that you feel comfortable with; however, as you progress, it is sensible to branch out and potentially take on writing jobs that are outside your comfort zone, as this will increase the number of opportunities you can apply for.

  5. Researching the client
  6. Once you have found a job that you like the sound of, you should then research the client. You want to be looking at how much they typically pay, how often they award jobs (some rarely award jobs, and may not be worth wasting your time with), and any feedback that they have given or received.

  7. Creating a job proposal
  8. Finally, once you have found a job that has been posted by a suitable client, you need to create a job proposal. As part of your job proposal you should identify any needs that the client has expressed in their job description. You then want to suggest how you will meet these needs.

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