In Search Of Online Freelance Writing Jobs: If You're After High Rates 

It is possible to earn much being a freelance writer, but you should be confident that you produce quality content and believe that there are lots of generous clients over there looking to hire you for higher rates. You should be proactive to succeed because good job won’t simply fall into your lap. Make use of the following advice on how to increase your income level through freelance writing.

  • Be present online.
  • Create your professional website or blog that will effectively advertise your services. Identify the industry you are experienced in and add your articles or professional posts. For example, if you are a health writer, let your website be entirely devoted to health and care problems. High paying clients usually look for the needed services themselves, and you’ll have your site that they can easily refer to and check the quality of your content.

  • Stop answering ads on mass job boards and writing for content mills.
  • You will never come across the best freelance writing jobs in these places. There are too many starting freelancers there ready to produce content for pennies. To get an order, you should lower your rate, and this is a way to nowhere. Perspective clients rarely post their ads on such websites.

  • Narrow down your search.
  • It is great if you are an expert in some field: health, finance, business, IT, etc. Look for the openings in your specialty. They can be found on some niche job boards, and not everybody can do these types of orders. Regularly read news in your niche, look through online publications in your industry, and follow the life of professional associations. You won’t immediately find a lucrative job offer there but the probability of such an opening is rather high.

  • Network with other freelance writers.
  • Get to know as many freelance writers as you can. Believe it or not, but networking is a great possibility to come across better paying jobs. Professional freelance writers always see benefits from sharing good job leads. As a rule, they are overloaded with orders and eagerly cooperate with their peers.

  • Move up.
  • Conduct research on well-paying online companies. If the company is big and established, large amounts of money are circulating there. Create your offer on why you can be useful for their businesses, and pitch to them. If you write for some small publication, offer your services to the bigger national or niche publications. Look for the companies that sell products in reality and suggest your help with promoting their services online.

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