Looking For Well-Paid Travel Freelance Writing Jobs: Where To Start

There is always a market for travel writers, the trick is knowing where to look. So, whether you are a student preparing to embark upon a Gap year trip of a lifetime, or semi-retired and looking to earn some extra cash while visiting everywhere on your bucket list freelance writing jobs could quite literally be your ticket to freedom. The problem that a lot of people encounter is the level of pay. Sometimes you will only be offered peanuts and if you are just accepting singular projects then it is hardly worth your while.

So, where do you find well-paid jobs within the travel industry?

The conventional travel guides

A lot of the conventional travel guides will either have a pool of writers, or will be looking for people who have lived in a given country for a minimum of six months. This is great, if you are planning on spending a significant amount of time in one place. Not so good if you are planning on flitting from country to country. That said, it is always worth popping over to the local library and checking out their requirements. I would suggest getting details of their website and checking for up to date info.

Online guides

While some of the big travel guides have been slow to catch onto the online potential. (Possibly due to the fact that they would need to regularly update the information) a lot of smaller, innovative ones have sprung up. These provide a perfect opportunity for tech savvy freelancers who are willing to embrace the moment.

Travel blogs and vlogs

Sites like YouTube have made it ridiculously easy to upload video content and this is proving popular with more and more people. Research potential blogs before you travel. The more flexible you are able to be the more likelihood there is of you getting a well-paid gig. For example with the European borders being open it is not all that difficult to hop from one country to another on the whim of a client.

Word of mouth

As with most things in life, word of mouth is a BRILLIANT way of getting those hard to discover jobs. Jobs that maybe aren’t advertised but with a little bit of insider knowledge could quite easily be yours. You probably know people who are returning from gap years etc. Ask around and you would be amazed at the opportunities that come your way.

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